Responsive Illumination

Pairing two thousand addressable LEDs with sensors and the web, the pendant is aware of everything from local environments to twitter trends.

With a local weather API, the pendant brings the outside world indoors. Wake up with the sun and watch gray fog burn away as warm yellows wash over the pendant. An afternoon shower brings cool blue waves to the surface, and transitions to rich red sunset before the white moon rises.

Directional microphones bring the pendant to life as it responds to music and conversation.

The pendant’s animations are driven with the mathematic underpinnings of the natural world. Harmonic pendulums fall in and out of phase, and gravitational orbits span the pendant’s surface. Animated light grows and decays exponentially to mimic organic lifecycles.

image image
Kinetic Breath

Acting as a kinetic skeleton, Hoberman rings give the pendant the ability to expand over a 300% dynamic range. Each ring is driven by a stepper motor and acts independently of the other rings of the stack. This uniquely controllable movement grants the pendant a range of kinetic animations like slow breathing, pulsing, or wave propagation.

Just as the pendant’s illumination reacts to its environment, the pendant’s kinetics are also responsive to sound.

Interlocking Primitives

Building on basic Hoberman ring design, our linkage profile produces the maximum linkage footprint that avoids impinging on its neighbor.

Attaching the Hoberman ring to a gear train transforms the simple rotation of the stepper motor into a sinusoidal combination of expansion and torsion. The animation above illustrates the stack’s wave propagation.

Mechanized Drive